Free Printable Matching Gamess for Children

Free Printable Memory Games

Memory games, also known as matching games, are great games for children. In addition to learning how to take turns and pay attention by just playing the games, memory games can also help teach content. You can use matching games to teach content such as:

  • colors,
  • shapes,
  • numbers,
  • counting skills,
  • the alphabet,
  • names of birds,
  • names of flowers,
  • and anything else you can think of!

Here are several free printable memory games. Printing these on cardstock paper makes the games easier to play and helps them last longer. I do not have a color printer, so I copied the files on a thumb drive, and was able to get them printed on cardstock at Office Max for less than a dollar a page.

If you are playing a memory game with a younger child, try placing one of each pair face up on the table. Stack the other cards in a pile. Take turns turning a card from the pile over and finding the matching card on the table.

Next, you can try matching the cards with the cards face up. Then, try playing the game with the cards face down. Start by playing with a small number of cards, and then add pairs of cards as your child is ready.