Resources for Teaching about Jamestown


Here are lists of people, places, and dates to include in a unit study about Jamestown. This page also has links to other resources, including a list of children's books and a crossword puzzle about Jamestown.


People to Remember

Captain Christopher Newport (1561- 1617) English sea captain who was hired by the Virginia Company to transport the colonists to the New World.

Captain John Smith (c.1580–1631) - helped found Jamestown and became Colonial Governor of Virginia

Pocahontas (1595-1617) Virginia Indian chief's daughter who assisted colonial settlers at Jamestown.

Chief Powhatan (c. 1545 -1618) Chief of the Powhatan Confederacy when Jamestown was settled in 1607.

John Rolfe (c. 1585 – 1622) English settler in Jamestown who married Pocahontas and cultivated a strain of tobacco that Jamestown was able to successfully grow and export back to England.

King James I - King of England and Scotland who granted a charter to the London Company (later known as the Virginia Company) to establish a satellite English settlement in the Chesapeake region of North America.

Places and Terms to Know

Jamestown - the first permanent English colony in America

Powhatan - Native American tribe that lived near Jamestown

The London Company - the company that founded Jamestown. The London Company, which was later called the Virginia Company of London, sent settlers, supplies, and ships to Jamestown with the hope that the settlement would be profitable.

Chesapeake Bay - inlet of the Atlantic Ocean that was explored by Captain John Smith

The House of Burgesses - the first law-making body to meet in America. The House of Burgesses was established in 1619.

Bacon's Rebellion - uprising in 1676 led by Nathaniel Bacon, who was angry ar Governor Berkeley's refusal to open up land in western Virginia to settlers. Bacon and his followers killed hundreds of Indians and burned Jamestown.


Dates to Remember for Jamestown

1607 - Jamestown founded

1619 - House of Burgesses established; first African slaves are sold in Jamestown

1676 - Bacon's Rebellion

1699 - Capital of the Virginia Colony is moved from Jamestown to Middle Plantation, which becomes Williamsburg


Children's Books about Jamestown

Picture Books

1607: A New Look at Jamestown
by Michael L. Cooper
The Jamestown Colony (We the People: Exploration and Colonization)
by Brendan January
James Towne: Struggle for Survival
by Marcia Sewall
Jamestown, Virginia (Turning Points in U.S. History)
by Dennis Brindell Fradin
John Smith Escapes Again!
by Rosalyn Schanzer
Smith: John Smith and the Settlement of Jamestown (Exploring the World)
Robin S. Doak
by Ingri d'Aulaire and Edgar d'Aulaire
You Wouldn't Want to Be an American Colonist!: A Settlement You'd Rather Not Start
by Jacqueline Morley

Chapter Books

Pocahontas and the Strangers (Scholastic Biography)
by Clyde Robert Bulla
The Double Life of Pocahontas
by Jean Fritz
Who's Saying What in Jamestown, Thomas Savage?
by Jean Fritz
New Beginnings: Jamestown and the Virginia Colony 1607-1699
by Daniel Rosen
The Paradox of Jamestown: 1585 - 1700
by Christopher Collier and James Lincoln Collier
The Powhatan Indians
by Melissa McDaniel
The Powhatan (Lifeways)
by Raymond Bial
My America: Our Strange New Land: Elizabeth's Jamestown Colony Diary, Book One
by Patricia Hermes

Coloring Books

A Children's Color Book of Jamestown in Virginia
by Priscilla Hunt (Author) and F. Richard Vranian (Illustrator)
Indian Tribes of North America Coloring Book (Dover History Coloring Book)
by Peter F. Copeland (Illustrator)

Chapter Books That You Can Read Online

Popular School History of the United States by John Jacob Anderson (Google Books)

A Junior Class History of the United States
by John Jacob Anderson (1890 - Google Books)

Richard of Jamestown
by James Otis (Baldwin Project)

Founders of Freedom in America: a Biographical History for the Elementary Grades
by David Birdsall Corson and Hubert Ray Cornish

Other Links about Jamestown

Crossword puzzle about Jamestown has very nice coloring pages of Captain John Smith and Pocahontas, along with a coloring page of a map of Jamestown.

Virtual tour of James Fort by Time Magazine

Jamestown Rediscovery has pictures of artifacts and information about the excavation findings from Jamestown.

BBC Schools has a page for younger children about Pocahontas. has video clips and articles about topics related to Jamestown.

Exploring the Chesapeake - Voyage of Discovery (National Geographic) has a video about John Smith's exploration of the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. There are also links to lesson plans and coloring pages for animals of the Chesapeake Bay area.

Chesapeake Bay - Then and Now, offered by National Geographic, has inteactive maps of the Chesapeake Bay area.